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With the current pandemic surrounding our country, people are now staying home as much as possible and practicing social distancing. The present circumstances have led to a lot more “free time” as commutes, sporting events, and dinner parties have been cancelled. However, just because you have excessive free time does not mean you have to be excessively bored! Having extra free time gives you the opportunity to learn new skills to enhance your current career, or even earn a certification so you can step into a brand-new career.

CPE has hundreds of courses you can choose from that are flexible, accessible, and fit your specific set of needs. Check out a few of our most popular courses:

Lean Six Sigma

Over the past 20 years, Six Sigma principles have saved $427 billion for Fortune 500 companies, and as of February 26, 2020, the average salary for a Six Sigma Green Belt is $104,100; you can see where the Six Sigma certification is useful financially. A professional certified in Six Sigma Green Belt specializes in using strategic approaches to handle projects for a company and take care of complicated problems in short time frames. After taking the course, you will be able to meet the changing, challenging business environment we face today and streamline processes for your company. Many Green Belt professionals go on to become Lean Six Sigma Consultants, Operating System Specialists, and Project Engineers, among others. After you complete the course, you will be prepared for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam; the registration fee is included with the course.

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By taking this course, you learn the functionality and features of Microsoft’s latest software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Not only will the training make you more productive and confident in your current job, but you will also boost your resume and increase earning potential through the valuable skill set you earn. The course prepares you to earn an industry-recognized Microsoft Office Specialist certification that can help you advance in the workforce. (The certification exam is not part of the course itself). As the most widely used tool for documenting and organizing information, companies recognize the value one brings to the table when they know how to design and edit documents quickly and efficiently.

Full Stack Software Developer

By 2024, the software development field is projected to see a 17% increase in growth; the demand for full stack developers is at an all-time high. Many companies are looking for employees that can use multiple frameworks and technologies to create web applications that allow people to achieve tasks and produce powerful websites. As a full stack developer rather than a specialist, you become well-rounded as you acquire a set of valuable, indispensable skills. You add tremendous value to a company because you save the company massive costs and time on projects. Instead of hiring four developers that spend time allocating tasks and communicating with one another, you are the central developer that can perform all technological tasks needed. You will be awarded a Certification of Completion upon finishing the course.

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Whether you own your own business, want to create a personal portfolio site, or market for an organization, knowing how to create your own website is a useful skill. Not only will you learn how to plan the content and structure of your site, but you also learn marketing strategies, HTML skills, and Javascript programming language. Potential and current customers want to know how your product or service will enhance their lives, and a high-quality website gives customers their first impression of what you offer. When you know how to create a site with curated and aesthetically-pleasing content, you will not only entice customers, but save money in the long run, as you don’t have to hire anyone else to work on your site. With an average salary of $69,430 dollars and an unemployment rate at a small 1.3%, you can see why Web Developer ranked third in U.S. News’ Best Technology Jobs.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Cybercrime is predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by the year 2021, showing how cyber security is becoming more critical than ever. As a CISSP, you join the forces for good to keep the online information of organizations – virtually in any industry – safe. As global connectivity and the usage of cloud services continues to grow, companies will look for individuals like you to fight threats and stop irreversible damage before it ever occurs. During the course, you gain knowledge that will prepare you to earn your CISSP certification, maximizing your earning and career potential.

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Whether you are looking to learn accounting basics to broaden your skill set, or you are a small business owner looking to manage finances for your company, you build a foundation in finances by learning accounting skills that will be beneficial for years to come! As you gain hands-on experience with handling accounts receivable and payable, preparing income statements, and closing out accounts at the end of fiscal periods, you will become more confident and increase your financial awareness. Poor financial management is the reason 50% of companies fail in their first five years, but as you learn the universal language of business, you can use the information accounting provides to make wise financial decisions.

Business Writing

Strong writing skills will make a difference in any position, from engineer to business executive! Business writing can help you — and your company — reach full potential through powerful emails, strong sales presentations, and other forms of communication. Business writing skills are a great resume booster, and writing with conciseness and clarity is an ability that many professionals lack. Set yourself apart and learn powerful brainstorming techniques, strategies for inviting your reader in, your personal grammar strengths and weaknesses, and more.

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Desktop publishing training allows you to walk away knowing how to design and create high-quality business cards, PDF files, brochures, etc. In the Adobe InDesign course, you’ll learn the basic features of InDesign tools that allow you to use the program with high efficiency and effectiveness. Many design and digital marketing roles list knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud applications as a preferred qualification for positions; desktop publishing training sets you apart when applying for jobs. As the world’s leading desktop publishing software, you will broaden your skill set and reduce marketing and promotional costs for your organization as you perform in-house, yet professional work.

Learn more about the above courses, and hundreds of other courses UTC Center for Professional Education offers access to, by visiting our  Career, Professional, and Certification site, as well as our Popular Workplace Skills site.


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