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Congrats on enrolling in UTC’s Medical Academy! As part of our course curriculum, we offer externship opportunities to those in our CNA, CMA, Pharmacy Tech, and Phlebotomy Tech courses. Externships allow students to gain valuable, practical experience in their field.  

Outlined below are a few pieces of information that some facilities may require as part of your participation. While you may not be required to provide all this information for every facility, a majority will request this information prior to the start of your volunteer/clinical externship experience. Under each header, you will find where you can go to obtain this information as well as any pdfs that will need to be printed for documentation. These documents will need to be printed, completed, and brought to class. 

We also ask that you review, sign, and bring the externship documentation release PDF to class as well as review the externship expectations PDF prior to the start of the course. 

Criminal Background Check/Clearances/Fingerprint Card 

national background check is required for most facilities. Many sites offer national background checks. Different sites will have various costs based on the insurance the user holds. One website our students often use is the FBI National Background Check. To begin the process, follow the link and click on “Schedule an Appointment.” Then, follow the prompts to register for your appointment. Make sure to state that “it is a personal record review.” 

Immunization Record 

A certificate of immunizations can be received from the TN Department of Health. Clinic locations are located on the TDOH Hamilton County website. Print out the attached PDF and ask for your records at the location.  

NOTE: Immunization records may not be located in your current area of residence but instead may be located where you were born (as most records are from one’s childhood). For example, if you were born in Wisconsin, your records may be located in Wisconsin. You will need to contact the state department that currently holds your records, and they should be able to email or mail you a copy of your records. 

It should be noted that the following 3 items (Drug Panel Screening, PPD [TB] Test Results, and the Physician Statement of Health) can all be obtained in the same location. Clinics such as American Family Care Urgent Care will complete all 3 items for you, and there are several offices throughout the Chattanooga Region. 

Drug Panel Screening 

Drug Panel Screenings can take place at most any clinic. Print off the Physician Authorization PDF and have the physician fill out the form to ensure all lab tests are requested and completed as listed below.  

PPD (TB) Test Results 

When you request to have this test done at a clinic, you will be given documentation by your doctor showing that you have completed the test.

Physician Statement of Health 

You will need to complete a physical where the physician examines you and verifies you are in good physical and mental health, free from communicable diseases, and are able to perform all job duties as an extern at full capacity. Print out the Physician Statement & Health Status PDF and take it to your physician upon being examined. 

CPR/First Aid/BCLS Certification 

CNA and CMA students will receive their CPR certification during the course. Our other medical courses do not provide CPR training. That being said, depending on where you are placed for clinicals, your employer may still require CPR certification. Find a CPR course near you by visiting the American Heart Association website.

Professional Resume 

Students must agree to provide a resume to their assigned Clinical Coordinator no more than 3 weeks following initial contact. CPE offers assistance with resume writing upon request.

If you have any further questions, please email program coordinator Will Watson at