“Everyone here is a leader,” Bill Minehan, President of AdTech Ceramics says to the inaugural AdTech Ceramics Leadership Academy cohort. He continues, “We hope this opportunity helps you grow and develop. Your contribution matters.” As Minehan spoke, smiles and humbled nods spread across the room.

AdTech Ceramics recently partnered with UTC Center for Professional Education to provide the AdTech Ceramics Leadership Academy. From new technologies, product lines, and customers, AdTech Ceramics is expanding their brand and solidifying themselves as an innovation leader in ceramic packaging. Minehan notes, “We are experiencing a rapid amount of growth, and we want to continue meeting our customers’ expectations. We see this leadership program as a way to streamline our leadership practices for new and seasoned employees. At the end of the day, our goal is for employees to be empowered and make thoughtful decisions, plan better, and effectively communicate.”

To build the leadership academy, CPE utilizes content and material from Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI), a global leadership company dedicated to the science and practice of leadership since 1970. Through DDI, CPE provides AdTech Ceramics’ leaders with a variety of course topics, in-depth course materials, job aids, simulations and more. Ginger Duggan, assistant director for business development for CPE, states, “DDI materials are the gold standard. They can be tailored to the industry making the training more relevant for participants.”

The AdTech Ceramics Leadership Academy is comprised of the following eight DDI Courses:

  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Addressing Poor Performance
  • Engaging and Retaining Talent
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Developing Yourself and Others
  • Reinforcing Leadership Development

So far, each leadership cohort has completed at least one session, with a more senior leadership completing a total of two sessions. The classes are composed of roughly 12-15 individuals—a significant number are UTC alumni. “As an alumna, myself, I am proud to partner with UTC. It is great having this connection. We are excited to see how the program will help us grow and develop our employees,” Charlotte Laney, HR manager for AdTech Ceramics, remarks.

The first iteration of the AdTech Ceramics Leadership Academy will complete in early June. CPE will provide updates throughout the program.