AZZ Inc., a global provider of specialty electrical equipment and welding solutions, engaged the Center for Professional Education to provide training at its Chattanooga location.

The company kicked off the professional development with Crucial Conversations®, a training course that teaches individuals how to improve dialogue and engagement.

Rhonda Beard, Human Resources Manager at AZZ, states, “We have many new people and people who have been promoted into new positions. With their new responsibilities, they want to get training that is going to help them lead and manage people.”

Communication is a critical component of leadership and management. Beard mentions, “When you look at where there may be issues or problems to resolve, it boils down to communication. We want our leaders to feel empowered to make a difference.”

The Crucial Conversations course consists of two days and was customized to fit AZZ’s business needs. Ginger Duggan, Assistant Director for Business Development, states, “We want our customers to see themselves in our training. We provide realistic and industry-specific deliberate practices so employees learn how to navigate real-life situations better.”

AZZ will continue its training with Crucial Accountability® to help strengthen team accountability and accelerate problem solving.