At the Center for Professional Education, we are proud to offer financial assistance through Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae Loans are a low interest option to fund your professional education endeavors.  

Applications are easily accessible online with a quick 15-minute sign-up process. Sallie Mae Loans can be used for courses that are $1,000 or more. Some CPE courses that qualify are the Pharmacy Tech Program, Medical Billing and Coding, PMP Exam Prep, and SHRM Exam Prep. 

There are no early payment penalties and the interest rates are market competitive. You have control over your repayment with three options: deferred, fixed, and interest-only. Not sure what those mean? We’ll break them down. 

  1. Deferred: Make zero scheduled payments while in school and during the grace period*.
  1. Fixed: Pay a fixed amount every month you’re in school and in grace*. This option allows you to save on the total student loan cost compared to our deferred payment option. 
  1. Interest-only: Pay interest every month you’re in school and in grace*. Your interest rate will be lower than with our deferred repayment option, and you can save on your total student loan cost. 

Loans may seem intimidating, but our staff is here to make it easy! 

For more information, visit Sallie Mae’s website or contact program coordinator, William Watson at 

For other options, please visit our Financial Aid Website.

*six-month, interest accruing period after leaving school.

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